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The Live Stream Shopping App allows stores to carry out live broadcasts, product sales and real-time chat with customers to interact with them and generate experiences. This subscription includes unlimited events, we generate an extra charge calculated each 20 minutes per viewer connected to the event.


  • Increase your sales during live events
  • Promote products of your choice through the products section
  • Promote product demos, new launches through banners
  • Interact with customers in real time by generating personalized experiences through real-time chat and interactive like button
  • Better product experience and customer engagement
  • Metrics and KPIs during and after the event to analyze sales and customer interactions
  • You can organize these sessions yourself, with the help of a salesperson or the recommendation of an influencer to make the sales process easier and more effective
  • Create two-way conversations where customer needs are met in real time
  • Generate a greater capacity for impact since it is possible to reach the number of people you want, no matter where they are located





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