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Bring the livestream to your VTEX e-commerce.\nIn addition to an intelligent live commerce platform with an integrated solution, we have a team to accompany your brand from start to finish:\nPre-live: We assist in the selection of products, how many products, script and best triggers for Live Commerce (FOMO), dissemination strategy and templates.\nOn Live: You can have the biggest Live Commerce experts in Latin America performing your Live!\nPost-Live: After your Live Commerce we share a report with data, which goes far beyond sales information. With that you can make new lives better and better.


  • Integration: Easy integration with your e-commerce with the VTEX app from Mimo Live Sales, with the face of your brand.
  • Higher conversion: While e-commerce achieves a conversion rate of 1.6%, Mimo's frictionless experience averages 10% reaching 30% in some segments.
  • Training: Full training before, during and after the live with Mimo's team of experts, in addition to an online course on how to sell via live.
  • Ecosystem: Partnership with major production companies, influencer agencies (Mynd & Sato Rahal) and marketing that operate in the live commerce universe, with differentiated values for Mimo customers.





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