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The VTEX Live Shopping app allows you to live stream events on your store's website to promote product collections, increase sales, and enhance user experience simultaneously, while interacting via live chat. \n Once the Live Shopping app is installed, in the VTEX Admin, configure app settings such as scheduling live broadcasts, preparing a list of words that will be blocked in the chat, creating collections of products you would like to sell live, and more. \n Regardless of the plan purchased, you will receive training to learn how to create memorable events, recommendation guides, and best practices to increase the results of your live events. \n The app is available for VTEX IO and Legacy. Request the installation guide or install it directly from the App Store.


  • Stream & Sell: stream and sell with the VTEX Live Shopping app. No need to hire a separate streaming platform.
  • Product Highlight: Highlight products in the live stream to increase sales.
  • Add to cart alert: Show your audience which products are trending and encourage them to add these products to their shopping cart.
  • Multi-platform streaming: Create content and stream it live on your website and other social networks simultaneously. Live streams can be done via mobile or desktop devices.
  • Live chat: Interact with your audience in the live chat. Answer questions and post polls to generate engagement and create a source of leads for your next campaigns.
  • Blocked words: Define which words cannot be displayed on the real-time chat.
  • Real-time metrics: After the end of the event, review quality KPIs such as likes, comments, and shares, as well as performance KPIs such as sales and average product value (AOV).
  • Free access: Visitors are not required to sign up to attend live events on your store's website.




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