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Through Clique Retire's app, your store will be able to offer the option of delivery at one of Clique Retire pick-up points throughout Brazil.

Research shows that a large part of the Brazilian population has some kind of restriction in delivery, either by not having someone at home to receive orders or by living in a risk area not served by carriers.

Our technology provides the user with an excellent user experience, making it easier to view and choose the most convenient terminal for each customer receives your product.

The user will be notified by SMS/E-maill whenever an order is available for pickup at the location of their choice.

The pickup is done through a QRCode or manually entering a code directly into e-Box (self-service terminal).


  • Offer the user the option of receiving your purchase at an address away from home
  • Access to the Click Network Retire with its 100+ e-Boxes (lockers) installed in strategic points of the country: Subway, BR Stations, Malls and Condominiums
  • Capture of customers who are not served for some reason of delivery restriction (location, without concierge, incompatible hours, etc.)
  • Fast, convenient and safe solution





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